Pre-Competition Testing Results

The above chart shows the "before and after" wattage profiles of the same cyclist taking a threshold test as part of their Pre-Competition Training Plan.  The scale is deliberately left off; we don't want to give too much of our client's information away. 

The lower line is the power output of a threshold test taken during a recovery week in the last week of November.  The upper line shows the same test taken in the first week of January.  This test shows a 17% improvement in threshold power, the cyclist also had a reduced heart rate for the duration of the test.  Others clients, using the two-month long Pre-Competition Plan, who have taken the tests have shown an improvement of between 14% and 19%.  This test shows an improvement from well under 250w to substantially over.  In fact the average of the second test is greater than the peak power of the first!!

How much have you improved in the last two months?