Fee Structure

Time is a valuable commodity; both yours and ours.  Also, with a test taking around an hour and a half from start to finish and the equipment required to carry out a test being not inexpensive, there has to be some cost otherwise you couldn't realise the value!

A race bike costs anything from 1000 to 5000.  We'll pay up to 500 for our clothing, helmet and shoes.  And we'll spend anything up to twelve hours a week training; or, for some, nearly fifty hours a month. 

For less than the price of a race tyre you can prove, every three months, that your hundred and fifty training hours have been worthwhile. 

A flamme rouge test session will cost you just:

20 for a single test
25 for a combo Sub-max & Max Heart Rate Test
40 for a full monty Lactate Threshold Test

The Lactate Threshold Test requires a substantial investment in scientific measuring equipment and consumables.  The cost of the blood drawing, lancet, test strips, blood handling equipment and secure disposal of medical sharps comes to around 20 per test before time and hardware considerations are taken in to account.  This is obviously reflected in the cost of this test.  However, the information returns are so valuable they could quite literally be the making of your season.

With each test taken you will receive:

a body analysis profile
a performance analysis profile
a graphical profile of your test
a spirometer lung capacity test
a peak flow meter test
a blood pressure test
a post-test blood lactate concentration indicator
a performance comparison with any previous tests
general advice on how to maintain performance

and depending on the test taken some or all of the following:

an anaerobic fatigue index
a VO2max index ~ relative and absolute
a wVO2max index ~ relative and absolute
peak and mean power outputs ~ relative and absolute
threshold, power outputs ~ relative and absolute
power comparison profiles with other athletes
blood lactate threshold indicator
a WCPP fitness index
a WCPP heart rate zone index
a full explanation of what each zone represents

The Sample Profiles menu on the left gives an indication of the type of information you will receive.  The level of advice offered to complement the data is dependent on the take up of a coaching plan.