TORQbar ~ Slabs of Energy

I visited the lads in the shop to stock up on my winter fuel for when I start putting in my big rides.  I need to be up to two five hour rides a week by Christmas, so need some energy dense food to keep me going.  Russell gave me a TORQbar to try.  So I did and this is what I found.

TORQbar's are different to your normal energy bars because they're made with fairly traded fruit and are suitable for vegetarians.  They've been formulated to produce a food that is ultra high in carbohydrate, very low in fat and with ingredients wide-ranging in glycemic index for immediate and sustained glucose release.  Just what you need for big events or big training rides. 

I found them to be tasty, easy to digest and more importantly easy to get down your throat.  Some energy bars are like sawdust and others drowned in fat to get the calories up.  TORQbars could well be your answer to the problems of finding a food (fuel) for you that works.

 I tried the Tangy Apricot TORQbar 1 which is is a moist and chewy bar that contains just over 2% fat and is packed with usable carbohydrate. TORQbar's also contain ribose.  Ribose is natural sugar, which when taken in small quantities has been found to significantly enhance recovery from heavy exercise.

Ribose is present within every living cell of the body and is used to manufacture ATP (the energy currency of the cell) from scratch. Whilst the body can manufacture its own ribose from glucose, this requires energy and is a very slow process. Research suggests that supplementation with ribose increases the manufacture of ATP by 340-430%.  Which is a good thing.  I'll be doing a separate article on Ribose soon.

Where can I get some?
Pedal Power 1.25 per bar and worth every penny

Nutritional Info
Nutritional Information (per 100g):

Energy 1364KJ / 326KCal
Protein 3.7g
Carbohydrate 72.3g
(of which sugars) 33.2g
Fat 2.1g
(of which saturates) 0.7g
Fibre 6.3g
Sodium 49mg

Niacin 6.5mg (36%)*, Vitamin E 4.0mg(50%), Pantothenic Acid 2.3mg (38%), Vitamin B6 1.0mg (50%), Riboflavin 0.9mg (56%), Thiamine 0.7mg (50%), Vitamin A 400mg (50%), Folacin 100mg (50%), Biotin 75mg (50%), Vitamin D 1.5mg (30%), Vitamin B12 0.8mg (80%), Zinc 7.5mg (50%), Iron 7mg (50%).

*(%) = Percentage of Recommended Daily Allowance