Carb Boom! ~ Energy Gels

When looking for some gels for my final event of the season, the Giro Lombardia, Mark at Wheways gave me a couple of Carb-BOOM!'s to try.  These gels are made from super concentrated complex carbohydrates and flavoured with real fruit.  Never looking a gift horse in the mouth, I gave then a try and was well impressed.

They tasted nice (which helps), there was no "chemical aftertaste" that you can get with some gels and I really did feel them kick in.  Especially over the top and on the descent of the Ghisallo. 

These gels are a perfect sports nutritional supplement to increase and maintain energy levels before, during and after exercise. 

Their carbohydrate composition consists of a special blend of 22-25g of complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin) and just 2-4g of simple sugars. This provides for a superior taste that is “not too sweet” and is very gentle on the stomach.   If, however, you are susceptible to stomach upset then give the added caffeine gels a miss.  Or at least try them in training first.

Carb-BOOM! gels come in the following flavours,

Vanilla Orange,
Chocolate Cherry,
Plain Vanilla,
Strawberry Kiwi,
Banana Peach, and
Apple Cinnamon. 

They're packaged in 1.4 ounce "easy tear" foil packets that fit nicely under your short leg.  That way they reach body temperature and flow easily down the throat and in to your system.  For more info on energy gels, click on the packs above.

Contact Mark on + 44 (0)1534 780996, email:, or call in at

16 Broad Street, 
St Helier