SRM Charity Ride October 2004

For those that have been asking, this graphic shows the data output from the SRM mounted on my handlebars.  This is the data log from the Anthony Nolan ride in 2004.  It has a smoothing factor of 1% applied which "flattens" the peaks and time averages sections of the ride.

The red line represents heart rate which went above 200 three times during the ride, maxing out at 223 climbing Bouley Bay.  What you can't see is the max power climbing out of Mourier Valley.  It's averaged here as 275 watts but you can see it by clicking here.

Ignore the first red peak at the beginning and go to the second one. That shows the climb of St Aubin's Hill.  You can see the heart rate going up as the speed (pink) goes down, cadence (blue) drops as power (green) increases.  Then the heart rate, power and cadence drop as the speed increases for the descent to St Brelade's Bay and the climb out of La Marquandrie.