wVO2max Power Profiles

Dateline June 2009. 

In my run up to tacking the Ventoux Masters, I've trimmed down to my fighting weight of 69 kilos (took some doing!) and have worked on my aerobic threshold to the exclusivity of everything else.  I've seen my sprinting and top end speed bleed away which has been painful but the reward is an all time high wVO2max and breaking through my previous ceiling of 300 watts.

An absolute stunner of a test recorded a month or so back.  Big numbers and a scary noise coming from the ergo!  We've see out first 5+ w/kg.  Are you up to the challenge...

Below are a large selection of wVO2max power test results for the category headlined above. 

If you're a client you can look for your number and see where you fit in to the scheme of things.  If not you can look for patterns of numbers and their performance increases over a period of time.  If you want to have a go, and live in Jersey, send me an email and we'll organise a time for a visit.

The outputs below are tabulated on a power to weight ratio as this is a better indicator for comparing disparate riders than power output alone.  If you read the power factsheets, you'll see I've calculated Jens Voigt to be around 480 watts or 6.22 w/kg! 

It seems we still have a way to go, perhaps we should give up our day jobs.