Gore Supertecno Gloves

It's getting colder and I needed some new gloves to get me through the winter so dived in to the shop for a look-see.  Russell passed me a pair of Gore Supertecno Plus 2 Gloves, to give them their full title.  Here's my thoughts.

First Impressions
First impressions often count, and mine where, you've got to be joking!  These gloves looked as thin as my summer mitts.  There's no way they can keep you warm.  Russell insisted I take them, try them and even gave me a money back offer.  What had I got to lose?

Second Impressions
On looking more closely, these gloves appear to be greater than the sum of their parts.  The ultra-thin material is actually fleece lined with a membrane.  Not only is it warm and wind proof, it's breathable so, unlike cheaper products, your hands don't become sweaty inside the glove.

Like Pamela Anderson, there's silicon in all the right places.  However, in the gloves case, it's to aid grip on the bars in wet weather.  Speaking of which, the glove is also good for keeping out light rain and snow.  It's not waterproof but it is shower proof. 

They're so light you don't realise you're wearing them.  Getting food out of pockets and working zips is as easy as using an ungloved hand.  The elasticated cuff tucks under jacket sleeves and neatly seals against the wrist without any itchy seams causing discomfort or distraction. 

The foam padding is just the right thickness to ensure adequate feel and reduce vibration from all those winter miles on your old hack.  And if you're spending four or five hours on the road, luckily the gloves are anatomically cut.  Which means the finger material is cut in the shape of a hand gripping the bars, so there's no bulking up of material causing pressure points on long rides.   

Finally, if your out at night, why?  But if you have to, there's reflective piping along the length of the glove giving adequate notice to those who should be paying attention.

All in all a top product and well worth the 29.95.  Buy cheap, buy twice is the motto.  These gloves will last you many years of winter training and will also make an ideal early season racing glove.  Get them near the top of your Christmas list.


WINDSTOPPER Soft Shell laminate material
Silicone coated finger for better grip changing gear
Silicone coated palm for better grip
Absorbent thumb material for wiping off perspiration
Inner forehand with foam padding
Palm of hand with gel padding for maximum protection
Cuff with loop for easy putting on and removal
Fleece lined cuffs for comfortable fit
Long elasticated wrist cuff
Reflective piping

Where can I get some?
Pedal Power 29.95 or you can go on the internet where I found them at 34.99!  Support your local bike shop.  And Russ, they're not coming back so you can keep my money.