TT Ten Intervals

Mike Keighrey ~ as ever, stylishly pressing on
photo ~ Sam Goulding

When & Why?
The clue's in the title!  Once you've got your base and pre-comp preparation done and dusted move on to these little beauties.  They will help for 10 mile TT's (obviously) and those challenging sections of a race or sportive when the hammer goes down.

Again a turbo is best because you can control the variables and really hit the numbers for those that are power based.  If not, the road will do but you'll have to go on feel and perception.

Top Tip if you're using this session for time trial training, on the road or the turbo, use your TT bike.  It makes a big difference.

The only way you can go faster over a set distance is by riding faster than you can at that distance and putting some rests in. 

So to go faster in a ten mile TT you need to ride these four 5 minute sections faster than your average ten mile TT pace.

Ride five minutes faster than your ten pace, then take a short recovery, then ride faster again. 

Manipulate the recovery intervals so that a week or two before your event you're down to one minute recoveries and riding very fast for the five minute sections.

Before your event read this factsheet.   Ride within yourself for the first five minutes of your pre-objective, test event, then layer your new found speed in to the next three five minute sections without a rest!  Hey presto, a PB!

The Warm Up Warning
All interval sessions require a thorough and proper warm up...

Once thoroughly warmed up and at "race pace" readiness, undertake the following "potential" session.

Session Description

5 minutes >10m TT pace  
2 minute Recovery  
5 minutes >10m TT pace  
1 minute Recovery  
5 minutes >10m TT pace  
2 minute Recovery  
5 minutes >10m TT pace  
Cool Down    

Session Timings

Warm Up 10  
Interval Effort 20  
Interval Recovery 5  
Cool Down 10  
Total Session Time 45 mins

Session Schematic




Duration in minutes shown in the columns