Escalating Intervals

Holding off the maurauding hordes; just

Lactate tolerance and suffering for those
end-of-race, hill finish, attacks

When & Why?
This increasingly challenging block of intervals can be used in the pre-competition phase or anytime in the mid-season to give a boost to your hill climbing, time trialling, or just plain ability to suffer at the end of a race in the lead up to the sprint.

Obviously ideal for a turbo session but can be built in to longer mid-week rides on the road.  No real risks on the road other than avoiding hills, junctions, and traffic lights.  Much easier to pace indoors!

Due to the nature of the first few intervals you can get away with just a five minute warm up for this one. 

Keep a race pace cadence and get yourself in to a nice rhythm for the early intervals.  There should be no sensation of real effort.  Be warned, there is no recovery in this session!  Don't race the first few intervals because you'll pay for it later,

As the gears and duration builds, so to does lactic acid.  This session will become increasingly debilitating as the cadence drops to accommodate the rise in gear ratio. 

Hold form and technique for as long as you can but when you start to rock and sway back off.  If you're only half way through the session just come back down the gears to get a decent workout but note your "peak" and attempt to surpass it on the next run.

This session works better on some turbos than others.  Some increase the resistance as you go up the gears; obviously this isn't good.  If you have a resistance, set it to normal road sensations.  If you haven't, then you may need to come back down the block.

The Warm Up Warning
All interval sessions require a thorough and proper warm up... but, this session starts quite easily so you can get away with a five minute warmup rather than the ususal ten.

Once warmed up and ready to start, undertake the following session.

Session Description       
Five minute warm up      
One minute in  53 x   19    
Two minutes in  53 x   18    
▼ Three minutes in  53 x   17    
Four minutes in  53 x   16    
▼ Five minutes in  53 x   15    
▼ Six minutes in  53 x   14    
Seven minutes in  53 x   13    
Ten minute cool down      

Session Timings

Warm Up 5  
Interval Effort ~ up to 28  
Interval Recovery 0  
Cool Down 10  
Total Session Time 43 mins max

Session Schematic


  Duration in minutes shown up the side