Blitzer Short Intervals

Do these intervals with commitment and you'll be in a
better position to drive or bring back a race winning break!

When & Why?
It's best to do this one after you've attempted the Blitzer Long intervals.  The "Longs" give an element of depth that will allow you to tackle these short, sharp, fast sessions, full-on. 

Use these as a run up to 10 mile TT's or for events that require a high sustained speed with short recoveries.  That'll be a crit then?  They may seem a little complicated but once you get the gist, they're worth the effort.

This is a 10 mile Time Trial that will be faster and harder than any TT you've ever done.  When you've got three successive Tuesday nights of these in the bag, you'll find your local club 10 a doddle, and might just end up with a new PB to boot!

Again a turbo is best because you can control the variables and really hit the numbers for those that are power based.  If not, the road will do but you'll have to go on feel and perception.

The first "two" interval(s) are at your FTP Wattage +5% or your five mile TT pace.  They are in fact two five minute intervals separated by a one minute mini-recovery.   Take 30 seconds to build to the correct wattage/pace and when you get there, hold it rock steady.

At the end of the second effort, you take a recovery equal to the length of the next interval block; which is four minutes.  Again, each effort is separated by a minute mini-recovery.   You need to be above 5% of your FTP and the idea is that each effort is harder, or more importantly higher, than the previous block.

Repeat the sequence until you get to the final 1 minute all or nothing, "rode it like you stole it" bit.  If you have a sexy turbo or computer, monitor this effort in watts or kph and compare it as the weeks go by.

Take a five minute cool down and by the time you've finished you might have enough energy to fire an abusive email at me.

It's harder to explain than do (yeh!) so as usual I've drawn a picture at the foot of the page.  Save yourself some reading, take a look at that, print it out and stick it on your stem.

The Warm Up Warning
All interval sessions require a thorough and proper warm up...

Once thoroughly warmed up and at "race pace" readiness, undertake the following session.

Session Description

5 mins (1 rec) 5 mins @ FTP +5%  
4 minute Recovery  
4 mins (1 rec) 4 mins @ FTP +7.5%?  
3 minute Recovery  
3 mins (1 rec) 3 mins @ FTP +10%?  
2 minute Recovery  
2 mins (1 rec) 2 mins @ FTP +12.5%?  
1 minute Recovery  
1 minute Flat Out  
Cool Down    

Session Timings

Warm Up 10  
Interval Effort 29  
Interval Recovery 14  
Cool Down 5  
Total Session Time 58 mins max

Session Schematic


Duration in minutes shown in the columns