Blitzer Long Intervals

Kind Permission of Lucy Collins Imperial Racing Team

Jai Watson ~ putting on the hurt at the
Hillingdon Imperial Winter Racing Series

When & Why?
Another back end of Pre-Competition or a top up to Competition Preparation.  These sessions work well for long distance time trials, race break-away/stay-away situations or for the finale of road races.

Again a turbo is best because you can control the variables and really hit the numbers for those that are power based.  If not, the road will do but you'll have to go on feel and perception.

The first interval is bang on your FTP Wattage and is held for 10 minutes, although you can take 30 seconds to a minute to build up to it.  When you get there, hold it rock steady.

After a five minute recovery, take the second, 7.5 minute interval up to 105% of your FTP (taking 30 seconds to get to the level) and again hold it on the limit.

A four minute recovery follows, then it's FTP +10% for five minutes.  This may sting a bit.  Take a good 3 minute recovery, then it's a two and  a half minute flat out run to the finish.  Ride the bike like you stole it!  But get to the end.

Take a five minute cool down and by the time you've finished your sight may be restored.

The Warm Up Warning
All interval sessions require a thorough and proper warm up...

Once thoroughly warmed up and at "race pace" readiness, undertake the following session.

Session Description

10 minutes FTP pace  
5 minute Recovery  
7.5 minute FTP Pace +5%  
4 minute Recovery  
5 minute FTP +10%  
3 minute Recovery  
2.5 minutes Flat Out  
Cool Down    

Session Timings

Warm Up 10  
Interval Effort 25  
Interval Recovery 12  
Cool Down 5  
Total Session Time 52 mins max

Session Schematic



Duration in minutes shown up the columns