Criterium Intervals

The on/off, stop/start, fast/slow,
glorious world of pain that's a criterium

When & Why?
This session can be used at any time you need to put a spring in your step.  A mid-season boost, an early season or key event preparation, or as race replacement therapy, this session is never out of fashion.

At races there are two types of rider; those dishing out the pain and those receiving it.  This ensures you're comfortable if you happen to end up one of the latter; but you're more likely to find yourself one of the disher outers.

Again, for those in Jersey a turbo is best.  Anywhere else, it can be done on a big road (which we don't have) or a big circuit with 90 degree bends from which to fire out (La Collette?).  As an added bonus, on the circuit option you also build up your bike handling skills.  Which is a tadge difficult on a turbo!

Sprint as hard as you can, from a high tempo speed, for 10 seconds, then recover for a minute.  Then go for 20 seconds, with another minute recovery, and again for 30 seconds etc, until you get to 60 seconds (obviously not sprinting, more a lead out pace).

After your 60 second interval take a 5-10 minute recovery (taking your bike for a walk) then go again.  When you can't complete a full planned interval, STOP!

If you can only do one block, so be it.  Build up over a couple of sessions.  When you can do three full blocks, it's time to try something else.

The Warm Up Warning
All interval sessions require a thorough and proper warm up...

Once thoroughly warmed up and at "race pace" readiness, undertake the following session.

Session Description

10 second ~ full on sprint  
60 second recovery  
20 second ~ full on sprint  
60 second recovery  
30 second ~ sprint  
60 second recovery  
40 second ~ final pull pace  
60 second recovery  
50 second ~ big pull pace  
60 second recovery  
60 second ~ lead out pace  
up to 10 minute recovery  
Repeat block 3 times max  
Cool Down    

Session Timings

Warm Up 10  
Interval Effort (18) 10.5  
Interval Recovery max 30  
Cool Down 5  
Total Session Time 55.5 mins max

Session Schematic

  Duration in seconds shown up the side