Wingate Test Results

Here are the results of the first Wingate Test of the year.  For a full explanation of the energy systems tested click the Anaerobic Capacity link on the left.  To view a test protocol, click here.

The Stats
You can see the peak effort, 5 seconds in to the test, was 572 watts.  As the 10 second mark was reached the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) energy system becomes drained and the power output gently bleeds away to 502 watts. 

As the ATP system empties, the PC (Phosphate Creatine) system takes over and sustains power output, although falling away more rapidly, until the very long 30 second test is over and we finish on 365 watts.  

We have a total power drop of 207 watts; a calculated Anaerobic Capacity of 214 watts; and an Anaerobic Fatigue Index of 36%.  Relative Peak Power was 7.94 watts per kilogram. 

Power output is not as high as on the road due to the fact the bike is locked in to an ergometer.  This test isn't to determine maximal power, it determines sustainable power.  However, the test conditions are repeatable and provide an excellent indicator to your capacity to sprint, jump or attack on a climb.