vVO2max Test ~ August 2006

I never ask anyone to do anything I haven't tried myself.  This month I've run six vVO2max tests and to show I'm prepared to put myself through the same pressures as my clients, I got myself ready. 

I needed to do a test as I'm  about to enter the final phase of my "classics season".  I've "rested" for a month and now need to build for my end of season peak.  To do that I need to know how much power I'm knocking out so I can structure my training to deliver the results I need.  I know where I should be, a test will tell me where I am now, then all I need to do is prepare a training regimen to close the gap.

The Test

The Results
All in all, not a bad test for me.  My mid-season threshold is normally around 300 watts (where I should be), so 278 watts (where I am) isn't too disappointing.  I'll now go away, do some work and report back when I do my follow up test before I head for the Tour of Lombardy.