Time Trial Training Plan

If you have chosen a time trial as one of your key goals for the season this seven week plan is the one for you.  The length of the event for which you have chosen to peak will determine the level and intensity of your speed and endurance sessions. 

For time trials threshold power and lactate  tolerance are two of the determinant factors to your success.  Undertaking a vVO2max test will give us the information we need to plot your threshold power and tell us if your goal is within your reach or you're selling yourself short and could aim higher. 

This seven week plan can be used at any time of the year to peak for a planned time trial competition.  As long as you have developed a good base on which to build, this plan will deliver excellent results.

The plan consists of:

a pre-plan vVO2max test
a post-test lactate measurement
a season's objectives evaluation
▼  a SMARTS rider-defined goal
a determination of your available training time
a seven week time trial training plan
▼ a supported first ride for technique guidance
a support and advice session at the end of each month
a 33% discount on an end of plan test
an ability gap analysis to pinpoint development areas

Of course each test comes with its own set of comprehensive data sets, performance analysis, power profiling, and blood lactate profiles.

Time Trial Plan

35 7 week plan, one test, plus extras