Sprinting Training Plan

Many people admit to “not being a sprinter”.  Forget all the slow-twitch, fast-twitch muscle fibre ratios you’ve heard about, and the premise that sprinters are born, not made; because at our level it ain’t true. 


This plan will improve your sprinting technique and remove the mystique from the black art of sprinting.  If you race a bike you can sprint, this plan will show you how.

Do you:

▼  Lose touch as the finale speed builds up
▼  Lose a bike length as the “jump” begins
▼  Tail off and die just as the line appears
▼  Find difficulty coming off a wheel
▼  Wish you could sprint a little better

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you may benefit from the guidance, support and structure of our sprinting plan.

Running for seven weeks this plan will have you sprinting like you never thought possible, with power outputs you and your rivals wouldn't believe.  The plan, combining road and turbo work, consists of:

▼ a pre-plan Wingate test
▼ a post-test lactate measurement
a season's objectives evaluation
▼  a SMARTS rider-defined goal
▼ a determination of your available training time
▼ a seven week sprinting plan
▼ a supported first ride for technique guidance
a support and advice session at the end of each month
a 33% discount on an end of plan test
an ability gap analysis to pinpoint development areas

Of course each test comes with its own set of comprehensive data sets, performance analysis, power profiling, and blood lactate profiles.

Sprinting Plan

35 7 week plan, one test, plus extras