Testing Protocols

All tests are undertaken on a Tacx Grand Excel Ergotrainer using your own bicycle and shoe system.  This ensures you feel totally comfortable and able to produce an effort that reflects your current state of fitness.  Tyre pressures are set at 100 psi and the wheel load against the trainer is set.  Room temperature is monitored and cooling fans are in place to maintain consistent environmental conditions for each test.

All tests are carried out with a warm-up and warm-down relative to the intensity and duration of the test being undertaken.  Each test will have a blood lactate measurement taken at the end to indicate the levels of lactic acid generated in your system.

Carrying out tests indoors on an ergotrainer allow the tests to;

be carried out whatever the weather
provide the same environment for subsequent re-tests
be captured, downloaded and analysed
allow efforts to fatigue without risk of injury or accident
allow continual monitoring, guidance and support

Pre Test Procedure
Before any test is undertaken the athlete's weight, body fat content, pre-test heart rate and exhale flow rate are recorded.

Test Procedure
During each test all measurable variables are monitored and recorded; breathing patterns, heart rate, cadence, speed and power output.  All flamme rouge tests include a post test blood lactate concentration reading.

Post Test Procedure
On completion of the test a warm down is undertaken and the data downloaded to a computer for instant analysis.  If previous tests have been performed the data from those tests are overlayed against the current test to quantifiably measure specific improvements. 

A fitness profile, relevant to the test undertaken, will be completed from data downloaded and supplied to the client, along with the test data itself. 

For each test undertaken the athlete receives:

a clarification of their short-term objectives
heart rate, power output, cadence and speed analysis
a blood lactate concentration indicator
comparisons against previous tests
peer profiling ~ no identity released only range data
a fitness profile chart relative to the test undertaken
advice on what to do next to meet your objectives
a cup of tea and some biscuits as a reward!

For those not on a coaching programme, general advice and guidance will be given on how to maintain performance. For those on a flamme rouge Coaching Programme, specific advice and a training regime will be provided to enable continued improvement or to further develop other areas of performance.