Training Services

flamme rouge Training Services are now available to all riders wherever they are in the world.

Our "off-island" Training Services are, by geographic necessity, a cut down version of our "on-island" Coaching Services.  Just because they are less in-depth in their analysis, they are no less value for money or any less of a product.  They're just slightly different in their content.

Because Training Services clients can't make a physical visit to our test lab, we can't offer them the one-to-one Performance Evaluation that comes with our Coaching Services.

Everything else is exactly the same.  Except the price which is obviously discounted to reflect the missing Performance Evaluation element.

Of course, Jersey riders not wishing to take a full flamme rouge Coaching Programme, can purchase a stand-alone flamme rouge Training Plan, from the list below, that best helps them meet their training needs.


What does it cost?

Pre-Season Training Plans
2010 Competition Plan 65 28 week plan
2010 Winter Plan 45 20 week plan

Base Build Plan

30 12 week plan

Pre-Competition Plan

25 8 week plan
Early Competition Plan 25 8 week plan
Available in 2010
Outcome Specific Training Plans

Road Race Plan

25 8 week plan
Criterium Plan 25 8 week plan

Time Trial Plan

25 8 week plan

Sprinting Plan

25 8 week plan
Climbing Plan 25 8 week plan
Sportive Plan 30 12 week plan

What do I get?
For less than the cost of a decent race tyre each flamme rouge Training Plan consists of the following,



flamme rouge Training Plan...  

an introduction to structured training  

full instructions on how to get the best from the plan  

a turbo session information page  

a road ride information page  

an outcome specific day by day training schedule  

a diary to record each sessions key parameters  

power and heart rate training zones charts  

a comprehensive session description for all workouts  

an event specific nutrition strategy  

an event or training specific strategy report  

athlete identified key objectives  

athlete specific physiological profile (if available from test above)