Performance Evaluation Services

Roubaix VelodromeFirst we need to get the semantics out of the way.  Although everything in this section refers to testing, they're not really tests.  They are Performance Evaluations, used to analyse the effectiveness of your training or to establish a baseline for future evaluation. 

All feedback is positive; you will either prove your prior training has returned a quantifiable improvement in your performance and fitness, or your improvement is flattening off and you need to adapt your training to get you to the next level. 

There is no pass or fail, all the information gained will help you become a fitter, faster, stronger rider.  There's nothing to lose.


What does it cost?

Performance Evaluation Fee Structure

wVO2max Test


+ Ability Gap Analysis

Ramp (VO2max) Test 20

+ Ability Gap Analysis

Wingate Test


+ Ability Gap Analysis

Max Heart Rate Test


+ Ability Gap Analysis

Lactate Performance Test 40

+ Ability Gap Analysis

Ability Gap Analysis 10 inc 4 week targeted training plan

What do I get?
A performance evaluation test takes 90 minutes of your time and three hours of mine.  For less than the cost of a tub of energy drink, each flamme rouge Performance Evaluation gives you an outcome specific physiological analysis and an self-assessment ability analysis to help focus on training specific improvement areas,

You get all of the below...


flamme rouge Performance Evaluation...  

an outcome specific endurance evaluation  

a ten page comprehensive evaluation assessment  

a peak expiratory flow test  

a forced expiratory flow test  

blood pressure measurement  

physiological analysis  

lifestyle/training audit  

wattage/heart rate/cadence/speed recording (min, max & avg)  

graphical review of performance evaluation  

performance comparison and overlay with previous evaluations  

blood lactate measurement and analysis  

vo2max (absolute & relative), FTP, and cycling economy calculations  

personalized heart and power zones  

recommended heart and power training intensities  

a photographic record of your evaluation  

an FTP w/kg  profile against all previous riders (over 300 records)  

a debrief at the end of the 90 minute athlete session  

a further 90 minutes evaluation preparation time from the coach  

flamme rouge Ability Gap Analysis...  

event specific analysis of key attributes  

speed endurance  

muscular endurance  

lactate tolerance  

bike handling  


sprinting ability  


tactics & strategies  

climbing ability  

threshold endurance  

Why should I be tested?
Without a quarterly evaluation, can you really tell if your training is giving the performance improvements you expect? You may never know.  Well at least not until race day. 

Results are analysed against your previous efforts (as below) and your racing peers.  You can then choose how best to act on the results and advice given.  Weaknesses can be strengthened and strengths can be consolidated. 

Without a performance evaluation  training is only validated on race day.  If you win fine, if you don't, how can you improve what you don't know you're lacking? 

Better still, why waste valuable training time trying to improve something at which your already at peak performance? 

Take a performance evaluation, find out the answer and make a better informed decision on what to do next.