Bike Fitting Services

Bike fitting is an art not a science.  You can't see what you look like when you're on the bike; we can.  We'll take photo's of you to show you what you look like.  Then take key measurements before we start.  Looking at all the obvious ones, and a few you won't have thought of.  After checking to see if you're sitting comfortable, we then begin.


What does it cost?

Bike Fitting Service

Road or TT Bike


Measure, Setup & Record

What do I get?
A lot of people come in sitting comfortably but aren't right.  Most come in uncomfortable and obviously wrong.  We've seen bikes too big and bikes too small.  Generally the bikes are okay, everything's about right, it just doesn't flow.  And that's where the art comes in to it.

Every facet of bike fit is explained to you so you understand the implications of any change being proposed.   Changes are only made if there is an obvious need.  Comfort, efficiency and effectiveness will always override the science best-fit.  There's no point being 10% more aerodynamic for a 25 mile TT if you can only hold the position for 25 minutes!

After an hour or so, we'll have a better understanding of what you like, what you don't.  What you need, and what you can do without; and what you look like going out compared to what you looked like coming in.  Because we'll have a photo of you at the end as well.

We then take all your measurements again, record them and email them to you in a bike fit sheet, with a photo profile for added value.

After an hour and a half, you go home and try out your new position.  And we go away to complete another 30 minutes admin work with a little fee for our time.  Everybody's happy.

It would take too much space and give away too many secrets to tell you what we check and how we do it.  Trust me, there's a lot. 

It's worth the price just for the tea, biscuits and cycling related gossip.  Never mind the peace of mind of one of your most prized possessions having enough key information recorded, photographed and documented to satisfy your home insurance security requirements. 

It's as though the speed, power and comfort benefits you'll immediately gain are all for free.