Pre-Competition Training Plan

February and March are the time to start preparing your body for the demands of your forthcoming seasons goals and objectives

You don't want race speed just yet, that comes later but your body does need to begin over-stretching to achieve a sustainable training adaptation that will carry you in to the Early-Competition phase.. 

You need to build strength, stamina, suppleness and a good cruising speed to sow the seeds for maximum power and speed development once the real season begins.  Building on the foundations of flamme rouge Winter phase, our 8 week Pre-Competition Phase allows you to further develop your VO2max and begin to push back the boundaries of your lactate threshold. 

This is a crucial phase of your season's preparation.  Don't skimp on the quality and don't keep doing what you've been doing up to now.  If you want different results to everyone else then you have to train differently to everyone else. 

Consisting of two increasingly challenging mid-week turbo sessions and one speed/muscular endurance ride at the weekend, with an optional recovery ride, you'll go from a tiger to a cheetah in just eight speed building weeks.

Tailored to suit your needs, lifestyle and available time, depending on your season's objectives, you can be fully early-competition fit for as little as five training hours a week.


What do I get?
For less than the cost of a decent race tyre each flamme rouge Training Plan consists of the following,



flamme rouge Training Plan...  

an introduction to structured training  

full instructions on how to get the best from the plan  

a turbo session information page  

a road ride information page  

an outcome specific day by day training schedule  

a diary to record each sessions key parameters  

power and heart rate training zones charts  

a comprehensive session description for all workouts  

an event specific nutrition strategy  

an event or training specific strategy report  

athlete identified key objectives  

athlete specific physiological profile (if available from test above)