Early Competition Training Plan

The new season is underway, the van-Hooydonk's and arm warmers are still on and the Spring Classics are keeping us motivated and on the road when the weather's doing it's best to keep us in.

By now we should have a few "training" events under our belt and have started "burning off the rough".  The early training races will have brought valuable information in highlighting areas in which we need to develop our strengths. 

We've spent all winter building our skills, abilities and attributes to 80% of competition levels.  We can't be brilliant at everything so now it's time to sharpen the saw!  With an Ability Gap Analysis undertaken to backup our racing perceptions, it's time to take the findings and zoom in with a focussed, structured, outcome specific plan to bring home the results.

Although there are races and events most weekends, it's still too dark for mid-week races so the training routine remains the same.  There are two structured, objective specific mid-week turbo sessions and one weakness eliminating ride ride at the weekend, with an optional recovery ride for good measure. 

Whatever you thought you were missing, won't be missing at the end of these eight weeks.  This plan will scream you up to the end of May and the start of the season proper.

Tailored to suit your needs, lifestyle and available time, depending on your season's objectives, you will be totally ready to roll on as little as five training hours a week.


What do I get?
For less than the cost of a decent race tyre each flamme rouge Training Plan consists of the following,



flamme rouge Training Plan...  

an introduction to structured training  

full instructions on how to get the best from the plan  

a turbo session information page  

a road ride information page  

an outcome specific day by day training schedule  

a diary to record each sessions key parameters  

power and heart rate training zones charts  

a comprehensive session description for all workouts  

an event specific nutrition strategy  

an event or training specific strategy report  

athlete identified key objectives  

athlete specific physiological profile (if available from test above)