Base Build Coaching Programme

Another season's preparation gets underway and the excitement, motivation and anticipation start right here.

Races in the summer are won by the preparation work undertaken in the winter.  And that's where our twelve week winter foundation training plan can help you become a fitter, faster, stronger rider...

Building from scratch, our 12 week plan will slowly but surely bring your form, endurance and Functional Threshold Power to a strong and solid base, from which you can begin your Pre-Competition preparation.

Consisting of two increasingly challenging mid-week turbo sessions and one increasingly hilly endurance ride at the weekend, with an optional recovery ride, you'll go from kitten to tiger in twelve weeks.

Tailored to suit your needs, lifestyle and available time, depending on your season's objectives, you can be fully pre-season fit for as little as five training hours a week.


What do I get?
For less than the cost of a tubular each flamme rouge Coaching Programme consists of ALL the following,


flamme rouge Performance Evaluation...  

an outcome specific endurance evaluation  

a ten page comprehensive evaluation assessment  

a peak expiratory flow test  

a forced expiratory flow test  

blood pressure measurement  

physiological analysis  

lifestyle/training audit  

wattage/heart rate/cadence/speed recording (min, max & avg)  

graphical review of performance evaluation  

performance comparison and overlay with previous evaluations  

blood lactate measurement and analysis  

vo2max (absolute & relative), FTP, and cycling economy calculations  

personalized heart and power zones  

recommended heart and power training intensities  

a photographic record of your evaluation  

an FTP w/kg  profile against all previous riders (over 300 records)  

a debrief at the end of the 90 minute athlete session  

a further 90 minutes evaluation preparation time from the coach  


flamme rouge Training Plan...  

an introduction to structured training  

full instructions on how to get the best from the plan  

a turbo session information page  

a road ride information page  

an outcome specific day by day training schedule  

a diary to record each sessions key parameters  

power and heart rate training zones charts  

a comprehensive session description for all workouts  

an event specific nutrition strategy  

an event or training specific strategy report  

athlete identified key objectives  

athlete specific physiological profile (if available from test above)  

flamme rouge Ability Gap Analysis...  

event specific analysis of key attributes  

speed endurance  

muscular endurance  

lactate tolerance  

bike handling  


sprinting ability  


tactics & strategies  

climbing ability  

threshold endurance  

flamme rouge Power Profiling...

for riders with power meter capability

record and track your power profile across the season

across the range power profiling 1 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 60 min

compare yourself to Chris Boardman!