Ability Gap Analysis ~ Work in Progress!

What is it?
An Ability Gap Analysis is a subjective performance evaluation carried out on yourself, by yourself.  It's non-stressful, with no endurance requirement whatsoever.  It's carried out with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two.  Thinking duration is around fifteen minutes, with a ten minute warm up talking about the latest cycling gossip, then a ten minute cool down to analyse your thoughts.

More Information
If you'd like more information on when and how to use an Ability Gap Analysis Spidergram, please read the Goal Setting factsheet.

Why do I need it?
Don't keep doing the same things and expect different results.  Honestly, it ain't gonna happen.  You can't get better by doing more of the same stuff you did last season.  Don't keep doing what you're good at.  Identify your under developed strengths (or when I was a lad, weaknesses) then target them with a purpose.

How to Prepare
Sit down and take a good look at where you want to go objective and goal wise.  Now you have some idea of what you need to achieve and by when.

The Analysis

First, choose the Analysis Chart most suited to your objective.  The blue boxes contain a target ability score.

Study the eleven attribute target headings and the supporting information for each.

Complete the eleven green boxes in the analysis chart with your current self-determined ability to perform at each attribute heading.

The red boxes will highlight the "gap" between your current attribute ability and that expected.

Take the three largest scores and write the attribute heading you need to address in the yellow boxes.

Draw up a plan to address the gaps!

Some attributes, depending on the discipline, are more required than others.  Bike handling skills aren't really called for when riding up Alpe d'Huez, but they are if you want to come down quick!  Also, power to weight ratio may be required to climb the  Ventoux in July, but you don't need to be dieting in October when you do your analysis.

Score the attributes you need at the level you need them to be, not the level you would like them to be.  You can't be a 10 at everything. 

The Result
At the end of your ability gap analysis you will have a definitive indication of your self assessment and the specific areas on which you should concentrate your training efforts.

This is a living document.  Don't just do it then forget it.  It should form part of your monthly review of your training.  Always ask yourself, "am I on track to get to where I need to be, by when I need to be there?"

The Ability Gap Analysis works in conjunction with your training plan to help you meet your goals.

flamme rouge Ability Gap Analysis...

event specific analysis of key attributes

speed endurance

muscular endurance

lactate tolerance

bike handling


sprinting ability


tactics & strategies

climbing ability

threshold endurance

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