SRM Power Meters ~ For Sale 1150

Here's your chance to join the power revolution at a fraction of the current cost of the latest units.  If you were in the market for a new SRM, the price now is around 2250 for a standard unit to 2700 for a compact system. 

I've just got some other units in and managed to get the prices down.  Save over a grand and get yourself on the fast track to the finish line.  New wheels and frames may look nice, but they won't make you faster.  If used correctly, a power meter will.  That's a fact!

Here's the power traces that show the continued improvement of a renowned slacker, between the ages of 44 and 49 years old.  If I can improve by this much imagine what it could do for you if your in your 20's or 30's?  Just look at those sprinting gains!

For vets, it allows us to train for less hours but at exactly the right intensity to get the most of every pedal rev we push.  The benefit of this is we recover more quickly and get fitter, quicker.  No more junk miles!

Training with Power adds a whole new dimension to your training; but then I would say that.  Ask anyone who has a power meter and they'll all tell you it's the best training aid they've ever invested in.  There's a reason you don't see many used units for sale.

The Units
The units for sale here have brand new batteries in the chain set and the Power Control unit (display screen).  They've all been calibrated and the Power Control unit will be set up for you ready to plug and play.  If you live in Jersey, I'll even fit it for you and give you a quick once over.

Above, is a 53x39 professional unit, for sale at 1150.  Below is an amateur version (2 strain gauges instead of four and slightly heavier) which is for sale at 999.


The above price includes a full SRM power measuring system and the following add-on's:

a brand new bottom bracket to suit your frame
a black PC V head unit
a handlebar mounting bracket
a download cable ~ you will need a computer!
a speed/cadence/power sensor cable
SRM analysis software
PC V charging unit
free fitting and set up
a free wVO2max Performance Evaluation
a free 8 week power development plan

If you just want to take the box away and handover the cash you can give yourself a 25 discount.  Whichever you choose it's the best return on investment you'll ever make on your cycling.

Email, or phone, using these contact details if you are interested or would like to have a chat about the systems before deciding if they are for you or not.

I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

If you need any confirmation of how much of a bargain this is here's a recent eBay sale for an SRM without chain rings for 1700 plus postage...


Rear view...

Black mark is the position of the cadence trigger to enable off the bike testing.

Front view, Dura Ace chain ring ~ square taper cranks.

Head Unit

From 11 pm...  Handlebar mount, crank bolts, mounting O-rings, charger unit, power/speed harness, usb download cable.  Not shown, software cd, delivery box, bottom bracket.