December 2010

If you've not been out lately because it's cold,
 Google "1980 Liege Bastogne Liege" read the words then get out on your bike!

December Factsheet ~ Planning
Carrying on from where the last factsheet left off, December's factsheet explains the principles behind drawing up a plan to work towards your previously defined objective.  It compliments, and is complimented by, this month's How do I...? factsheet.

How do I...?
Get Fit, is the topic
of this month's new factsheet.  As explained above, it works with the December factsheet but is there as part of the How do I... series as it has a relevance all year round.  They are written for slightly different audiences but both contain the information to make you a fitter faster stronger rider in 2011.

SRM's are Back!
Oh you lucky people.  I've sold one which means I'm down to one!  But it's from a choice of two as I'm keeping one for my new Colnago C59. But I'll let you choose which one you want.  Click here to choose the one that best suits your needs and get your first hand on a trophy for next year...

Power Tests
This autumn and winter have seen unprecedented action at the flamme rouge service corse.  We've had thirty seven riders through the doors for testing and produced over fifty training plans from as far field as  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, North America, Scandinavia, all four corners of the UK and our very own Channel Islands.  Discretion's the ultimate word so thank you to you all, here's to a great 2011.

For Sale Page
As well as the ubiquitous FFWD Wheels, complete with PowerTap, we now have three top line road frames at giveaway prices.  And if you're lucky, they'll be in your size.  Click for more details...

Train in Spain ~ Training Camps 2011
John Fegan has pulled together an excellent package of Training Camps for 2011.  If you're training's a little behind by the recent, stupidly cold and artic-like weather, here's a chance to catch up in the new year with some sun on your back...

Puncheur Sportive
Need something to get out of bed for on a cold winter weekend morning?  Why not get your name down and focus on the Puncheur Sportive. 

It's limited to 375 riders, is quickly turning in to a Spring Classic of Sportives and takes place on 6th March 2011, just outside Brighton.  Get an early indicator of your form by giving it large on Ditchling Beacon, before you tackle the mighty Molenberg, the glorious Arenberg Forest or the moon-like Izoard.

Merry Christmas to you all

In case we don't get the chance to chat again, have a great Christmas from Dianne (the gorgeous one), Meg (devil eyes), mini-me (our door stop) and myself who, as you can see, failed to dress for the occasion. 


Last Month

November Factsheet ~ Goal Setting
Another hardy annual.  I know the training is about to begin for next year, but what are you training for?  Cancellara dreams of winning the five monuments, why not make it your dream to ride them

Check out this factsheet, set yourself a target to conquer in 2011, read the How do I...? factsheet, then go and blitz some hills as part of your training programme towards your goal.

How do I...?
Inspired by Morgan Lewis (I know it was ages ago Morgan!) of Puncheur fame, it's a back to basics on a regular basis.  To help you realise your potential, and to tie in with winter training and possible summer goals, here's a few suggestions on how to conquer your worst fears and climb to the roof of the world.  There is no greater feeling, well maybe one...

Etape 2011
With two routes available for 2011 maybe one of your goals will be to tackle a stage of the tour.  If you want a little taster, here's Jason Stolte's account of his July trip to the mountains.  And if you fancy Paris Roubaix, here's mine.


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